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Reviewing Second Quarter Goals

I'm a little scared to write this post because I know I haven't exactly reached all of my goals for this quarter. However, I am in the process of asking my students to reflect on their goals for the quarter, so it's important I reflect on mine as well. One of my big, BIG goals for this quarter was positivity. Therefore, I will not be upset I didn't reach all of my goals, I won't mope about. Nope! Instead, I'll revisit the goals I created. Are they achievable goals or should I change them? If I didn't reach a specific goal, why not? What could I do differently next time to reach my goal.
Here were my goals for second quarter:
Have "book talks": For second quarter, I wanted students to have time to discuss their books with the whole class, encouraging others to read the book. I still think having book talks would be amazing for the students. I just can't seem to find the time to include it. I do think this goal is achievable, but I have to r…
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New Year, New Me? Nope!

I know celebrating New Year is a big time for everyone to evaluate their lives and what they want to change. What is it about New Year that makes us suddenly want to change? What is so magical about changing from December 31st to January 1st? People in Denmark smash plates, eat grapes in Spain, or ring bells in Japan. It is an event celebrated universally across the world. So what makes it so different from any other day of the week?
     In previous years, I've always created goals for myself. I've told myself the same thing everyone else tells themselves. This year will be different. This year, I will really do all the stuff I want to do. And then February comes around, and March, and then before I know it I've forgotten I even created goals for myself. I don't think I can honestly say I've ever actually achieved the goals I planned.
     This year, I thought long and hard about goals I would like to achieve in the new year. I got out of the notebook, the ma…

Saturday Slice of Life

How to Start Saturday Morning Like a Champ:
     I mixed Charlie's food in a small, turquoise, dog bowl. It was mundane at this point, I could do it in my sleep. He gets half a cup of wet food and half a cup of dry food. It then needs to be put in the microwave for thirty seconds. Charlie would never eat something only at room temperature. Not that he ever eats this either. Since being diagnosed with diabetes last year, he seems to have become to pickiest eater I know. Getting Charlie to eat one bowl of food is harder than running a marathon, and definitely more tiring.       After mixing it and warming it to perfection, I put it on the floor and held my breath. Charlie strutted in, very well aware that he is in charge of this moment. I crossed my fingers behind my back and quietly begged him to take a bite. He got close enough that his nose was touching the food and then took two very quick steps backward. He looked up at me with disappointment. As if to say,  "You don…

My Positive Day-Part 1

I discussed the idea of being more positive second quarter, both for myself and my students. I think so far we have done really great. I've been talking to a lot of students about goals for second quarter and they are so impressive. I've also been asking students to think of one positive thing happening in their lives each day. So many students automatically want to answer "nothing." I refuse to believe my students are going every day without anything positive happening in their lives. If that is the case, I need to ensure my students begin looking for positive things to brighten their days up.

     So, my positive moment for today is the fact that NO students received Falcon Fouls! Students can receive Falcon Fouls for negative behavior, being unprepared for class, out of uniform, dead iPads, etc. Today, being the first day back after Thanksgiving break, I was sure someone would forget their ID or have a dead iPad. Nope! Everyone proved me wrong and I could not…

2nd Quarter Goals

I've been meeting with all of my students to discuss goals for the second quarter and what we should be working toward the rest of the school year. Let me tell you, some of my students are so impressive! So impressive in fact, that I've been pushing myself to create some second quarter goals of my own. I've noticed some things that went really well first quarter and then some things that I would like to work on improving. So...Here goes!

Have "book talks":I would love to give my students time to discuss the books they are reading with other students or the whole class. So many times, students come to me wanting to just sit and talk about what they're reading or reread certain lines with me because they were funny or interesting. I would love for them to have time to share things like that with the whole class. Encouraging students to share their books with others promotes a positive reading environment. It gives students ideas for new books to read as wel…