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2019 SOL15 Snow Drama

Well...I decided yesterday to stay in and be lazy as the snow was just too much to deal with. Aside from walking Charlie, I had no interest in going outside, driving anywhere, or dealing with any of that....I paid for it this morning. The snow stopped sometime last night, but the temperature also dropped, so all the snow that had already come down, some of it wet, froze. Everything froze. When I went out to walk Charlie this morning, I realized in horror that my car was one of those things frozen under about 2 1/2 inches of snow. Great.
     I started my car, turning the heat and defrosters on high, while me and Charlie continued our walk. I then went back inside and continued to get ready, giving my car and good ten minutes to warm up before I even went outside to try and scrape off any of the ice. I thought ten minutes would be enough to get one layer off, but as I walked out with all of my work bags, tea, and purse, I realized the car looked exactly the same as when I first ca…
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2019 SOL14 Sunday Snow Day Fun

I checked the weather the night before, so I had an inkling of what I was waking up to, but I mean come on! Snow!...Yesterday I didn't even have to wear a coat it was that nice out! I should have known something would happen too because yesterday Charlie had his grooming appointment. We have the WORST luck with those appointments. They always fall on days it's raining or snowing or some other horrific weather event has happened, so he ends up smelling like wet dog with muddy paws again. So it would only make sense right after his appointment it would start snowing...and not just like flurries, like oh hey cute flurries that will be gone in an hour, like full blown SNOW.
     I woke up and glanced out the window, immediately bolting straight up in bed. OH MY GOSH! The streets were covered. The cars were covered. The trees, grass, everything was covered. A woman walking to her car had her hood pulled up tight around her face, and you could see the snow clinging to her hair …

2019 SOL13 More Puppy Time :)

I've explained how cute my cousin's new puppy Louie is right? Because he is super, duper, uber cute. And I was about to spend even more time with him today puppy-sitting while she went to a baby shower! (Cue all the squealing now) So, last time Charlie and Louie met it went...okay. It was their first meeting, so that is important to remember. Charlie is an old man, Louie is a puppy. Charlie is used to big dogs that are very easy going and just let him win all the wrestling matches, plus he's to being the small dog that can climb all over everyone. Now, Louie is the small dog that climbs all over everyone and DOES NOT let Charlie win wrestling matches. Plus, Charlie is blind and Louie just runs circles around him popping up out of nowhere like a ninja; Charlie isn't a fan of Guerrilla Warfare. Sooo their first meeting was a little rough. Understandable.
     We had a chance today though for some serious bonding! Louie was getting dropped off at 11 and he would be t…

2019 SOL12 It's Friday!!!

Well all! It's finally here...Friday! That day we wait and wait and wait and wait for all week long. How is it I can spend eight hours at work and it feels like 20, but I can go home and four hours feels like four minutes? It's not fair. I want to go home and have time to relax, eat dinner, get comfy, maybe watch a show or two (or movie), and then when the time comes get in bed and still have time to sit and read for a while. Somehow though, I always get home, eat, and immediately want to go to sleep. My night is already over. Where do the hours go?!
     This Friday in particular I was really feeling exhausted. There is something about that first week back after Spring Break that just drains you. As I unlocked the door and walked into the apartment, I hung up my purse, keys, and jacket, dropping my work bag onto the chair next to me. My whole body feeling like I'd just run 50 miles, then biked another 50...then swam another 50. Yep, a whole triathlon. My head was a w…

2019 SOL2 Cirque Du Soleil!

Tonight was an amazing night. AMAZING! We have just been to see The Beatles LOVE at The Mirage. We also went to eat at Hell's Kitchen for dinner after the show, but since I was (gulp) less than impressed with the food there, I'm going to focus on the show. We walked through The Mirage, heart racing, making our way toward the entrance. We had to walk through the casino to get to the entrance, so our walk was filled with bells and cheers and loud, flashing lights. It definitely got us excited. As we neared the entrance, we could see other people waiting around as well. To the right was a gift shop of sorts. We didn't have time to browse before the show, so I mostly just peeked my head in as we walked past, making note of anything I might want to stop in for on the way out of the show. I was hoping the gift shop was geared toward the show memorabilia specifically, but it just looked to me to be Beatles memorabilia. I could get that anywhere, that wasn't very exciting…