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SOL31....No More Slicing!

Yes, I am publishing this eight hours too late. I scheduled it to be published and forgot to check that it actually published...I'm sorry.
     As I pulled up Blogger online, I realized today would be the last day for our Slice of Life challenge. We had all worked so hard over this past month. The kids. Myself. Other teachers. Everyone had put in so much effort writing a slice every day, commenting, sharing... It was odd to think that when we got back from break it would no longer be a discussion or a daily activity.
     I logged in and browsed back through all of my posts from this past month. Doing dishes, making popcorn, walking with Charlie... I'd really written about everything. I was proud of myself. This is the first year I've ever had a blog or worked with students on blogging. The kids have been great all year blogging twice a week, if not more. I have not been so great. I told myself at least once a week, and I almost always failed. The idea of writing ev…
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SOL30...Going to the Gym

Going to the Gym
    This was it. It was time to go. I knew when I woke up this morning I needed to go. As I lay in bed staring at the ceiling, I counted off the days in my head. I went Monday, but I didn't go the rest of the week. One...two...three days. Yikes. No wonder it was so hard to convince myself to go. I dragged myself out of bed and hung my feet over the side of the bed. Do I have even a clean sports bra to wear? Pants? It would be easy enough to talk myself out of it if that were the case, but sadly, it was not.      After forcing myself the rest of the way up, I quickly found all the necessary clothes. I pinched my lips together. It shouldn't have been so easy, so quick. On the positive side though, once the clothes were on, I would be more convinced to go. After dressing, I made my way into the kitchen. Charlie wasn't out of bed yet, the lazy bum, but he needed to eat breakfast and go out before I could go anywhere. I grabbed his bowl, measured the dry food …

SOL29....Packing Up

Packing Up for Break
     I walked back in the classroom and stopped to look around. The kids were gone. The day was over. It was officially Spring Break. I smiled and walked further into the room, toward my desk. As I continued walking I looked around the room at any last minute chores. The kids put the chairs up, check. They wiped off all the tables, check. The counters were all wiped down and straightened up, check. Pretty good! I looked at the counter in front of me. It had several piles of papers, a few scratch pieces of paper, my lunch bag, and three books. Not bad. The papers and lunch bag went home with me, and the table had been wiped down earlier that morning. I reached my desk and looked down, yikes.      I had my laptop open, a notebook I was using to check in assignments, my Slice of Life binder open to Block 3's class, many, many scratch pieces of paper, and several pens. I don't know how this always happens. Every day when I leave, I straighten the desk. I make…

SOL28....Old Memories...Playing Cards

Playing Cards in Michigan
     I looked up around the table. Everyone was studiously checking their cards and organizing them whichever way they saw fit. I glanced back down at my cards and started organizing them myself. I tended to put disposable cards to the left first. After that, I either matched cards by suit or numbers, whichever seemed most beneficial at the time. I had nine cards in my hand and fanned them out so I could see all of the cards at the same time. I could hear the rain outside pouring down onto the street, the cars, the porch. Inside however, I was covered with a plush throw blanket, sitting comfortably at the table with a warm cup of tea steaming next to me. We were sitting on the patio, which was only covered by a screen, so the smell of rain trickled in along with the noise.      We were playing Rummy, a family favorite. Card games in general were always a family favorite. I've known what four of a kind, full house, or flush were since I could hold the car…


     After work today, I ran to Target to get a few things. Let's all stop there and realize my mistake. Target. For a few things. Has anyone ever went to Target for just a few things? I should have known better. I should have turned around and walked out the second I saw the dollar section, right up front. That's how they get you. That dollar section just draws you in. Why does everything have to be so cute? And so cheap? I find myself buying random things like Star Wars gift bags because eventually down the road I'll need them for someone, right?       I always tell myself, walk in, keep your head down, and go straight to what you need. Get in, get out. Out of the thousand times I've told myself that, never once has it worked. Not once. I immediately knew my mistake when the first thing I saw was bulletin board borders. In the actual dollar section. Instead of running past like I told myself I would, I made a beeline for the shelf. I had no self control. No…