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SOL1...Making Copies

     Making Copies After Work

     As I slowly walked the halls making my way toward the copier, I mentally checked off my to-do list for the day. Finish the box for our SOL tickets, check. Check the binder for IXL updates, check. Make copies of graphic organizers for students, en route. Check, check, check. The day was ending and I was almost finished. I breathed a sigh of relief at another day well spent. I'd gotten almost all of my things checked off for this week and still had some free time left to finish the rest. It was a good day. As I turned the corner on my way to the copier, I could hear it spitting out papers already. I frowned, hoping that didn't mean both machines were being used. Sometimes I only had a minute to wait, but sometimes it was longer, and I wasn't sure how long I wanted to wait.
     Thankfully, today was not one of those days. As I entered the room, the copies stopped printing and the teacher started walking out. We shared a happy smile to be done for the day and said our good byes. The room was warm and still smelled like freshly copied paper...I don't think the room could smell like anything else. I noticed as I walked further into the room though that the laminator was on, which probably accounted for the extra warmth encompassing me.
     For some unfathomable reason, the copier room will always be a room of peace for me. The smell of warm paper, copies being made, things being laminated. It just felt good. Maybe it was the idea that things were being accomplished in the room that made it so welcoming? Whatever it was, I loved it. I would gladly volunteer to make copies and laminate things all day if given the chance.
     I made my way over to the copier. I reached up to my neck for my ID to log in. Nothing. I looked down and realized I wasn't wearing it. I looked around the room thinking for sure I had brought it with me. I remembered grabbing it. I knew I was going to make copies, how could I forget the one thing I needed to actually make the copies? As I slowly trudged out of the room, I remembered the walk there and happy thoughts of being done for the day. This wasn't ruining it, my room really was right down the hall, I couldn't complain, but it definitely put a little damper on things. I walked briskly down the hall, only to stop short at my door. It was closed. Closed, and I didn't have a key to open it. How was this happening? Two minutes ago, I was happily walking down the hall thinking I was making copies and done for the day. Now, I had no copies, nowhere near done, and locked out of room. Great. I sighed and turned to walk toward the office. Hopefully someone in there could save me...


  1. Your slice made me chuckle. Although I didn't have to have my badge for the copier (we had ID numbers), I was a long ways from it and if I forgot anything I had to walk all the way back....

  2. Ugh, you were almost done for the day! There is comfort in knowing that most teacher workrooms are the same. Sorry you got locked out!

  3. The contrasts in your slice is what make it so nice to me - the happiness, the joy, almost done, soothing copy room -- and then, no key card, no key, locked out....UGGHH! Totally feelin' ya, great slice! :-)

  4. A post any teacher can relate to! How many times I've gone back and forth between the copy machine and my room mindlessly. You have added such depth to a normally mundane (and frustrating) moment. I know that smell of the copy room, but I've never actually noticed before. Thanks.

  5. ha I've had days where I misplace things, and it can be frustrating. I'm glad you wrote a funny story about it! I enjoy the copy room as well :)

  6. Forgetting your keys is awful, but I'd have to say a jammed copy machine is even worse. Thank goodness that didn't happen, too!


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